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Texting while driving is only a 'secondary' violation in Florida

When a person is behind the wheel of a car, they may hear a familiar "ding" or vibration in their pocket indicating that they got a text message on their cellphone. It is all too tempting to check that message and respond right away, but, as more people in Florida are becoming aware of the dangers of distracted driving, they may wait until they are through driving before addressing that text message. Unfortunately, there are always those who think they can multitask and text while driving. This can lead to accidents that cause injuries or even fatalities.

Florida residents may be surprised to hear, however, that in Florida, texting and driving is a "secondary" violation. This means that police cannot pull a vehicle over simply because they see someone texting and driving. A person can be charged with texting and driving only if they have been pulled over and charged for some other traffic infraction.

Three die after drunk driver causes car crash

Most people in Florida understand the dangers of drunk driving. Not only is it against the law, but it is a reckless and irresponsible act that could prove to be deadly, as one recent accident shows.

One child and two adults lost their lives in a chain reaction auto accident caused by a woman who was reportedly driving under the influence. According to police, the woman drove her vehicle into a grassy median of Tampa's Selmon Expressway. This led another automobile to go over the median into the other side of the expressway. It collided with two other automobiles, and then caught fire.

What elements may play into a DUI charge?

If you have never faced any type of legal trouble, you may feel panicked and overwhelmed if you suddenly face criminal charges. Commonly, individuals have allegations of driving under the influence brought against them, and in your case, the charges may have come about unexpectedly. Because you have a clean record and feel unprepared when it comes to such a situation, you may wish to gain more information.

No matter the reason for the traffic stop that led to your arrest, DUI charges could come about due to per se laws. This law means that even if you did not commit any other driving violations but a breath or blood test indicated that your blood-alcohol concentration level reached or exceeded .08 percent, police officers could charge you with driving under the influence.

Helping you navigate a civil action after a truck accident

Large trucks have a constant presence on the roadways. While motorists are used to traveling next to semi-trucks and tractor-trailer trucks, this does not make it any easier. While large commercial trucks play a valuable role in society transporting goods throughout the nation, these vehicles are operated by drivers that are often required to travel long distances. Even when properly trained and educated about the rules of the road and how to safely maneuver and operate a large truck, this does not prevent all truck crashes from occurring.

Every time a truck driver gets behind the wheel of a large truck, they owe a certain duty of care to other motorists. It can be difficult to uphold that duty if they are overworked and fatigued. At Canan Law, our experienced attorneys understand that negligence often plays a role in a truck accident. Thus, we are dedicated to helping northeastern Florida residents navigate a civil action following a truck crash.

Metal band involved in deadly accident en route to Florida show

Fans of metal rock band Adrenaline Mob may have been looking forward to seeing their favorite band perform in Florida. However, the band was recently involved in a crash on Interstate 75 while en route to a Florida performance, an accident in which one person was killed.

One individual lost his life, and six others suffered injuries when a semi-truck collided with the band's recreational vehicle on Interstate 75. The band's RV was pulled over to the side of the road due to a flat tire when it was hit by the semi-truck, which for some reason veered out of its lane and off the interstate. The collision caused the RV to catch fire.

Dangers persist on Florida stretch of I-95

Summertime sees vacationers up and down Interstate 95 in Florida, and wintertime sees its fair share of snowbirds on the same stretch of interstate. In fact, according to one source, Interstate 95 sees some of the most traffic in the nation. Unfortunately, this also means that it is one of the most dangerous interstates in the United States.

In one recent 12-month stretch of time, more than 1,700 collisions took place on Interstate 95 stretching from the border of Florida and neighboring Georgia to Flagler County. These accidents resulted in 25 deaths, and more than 570 individuals were injured.

Alcohol can disrupt brain functions involving coordination

Summertime is a time when people in Florida get together for celebrations, whether they are an informal event, such as a family barbecue, or a formal event, such as a wedding. When alcohol is served at these events, as is often the case, most people of legal drinking age may not think twice about having a drink or two. However, some people will use these events as an excuse to become intoxicated. This situation is made all the more serious if these intoxicated drivers cause a drunk driving accident that injures or kills another person.

A study of 14 individuals explored why it is so hard to maintain one's coordination while intoxicated. According to the study, alcohol disrupts the link between the muscle control and visual parts of the drinker's brain.

Semi-truck driver killed while aiding car accident victims

There are times in our lives when we must rely on the kindness of others when things go wrong. This is especially true when it comes to driving, as many unexpected events can lead to a car accident. Some accidents are minor, resulting in property damage but no serious injuries. However, other accidents can be severe, resulting in serious injuries or even fatalities. In any case, when other drivers in Florida come to the aid of car accident victims, they should not be harmed themselves in the process. Unfortunately, this does not always happen.

Recently, a good Samaritan simply trying to assist victims of a car accident on Interstate 95 ended up losing his life in the process. A red vehicle was heading due north on I-95 in Volusia County when the motorist attempted to change lanes and struck an SUV from behind. The SUV then struck a guardrail and flipped over. The driver of the red vehicle kept driving.

Federal rules aim to prevent truck driver fatigue

As people in Florida head out on their family road trips this summer, they will surely find themselves in the company of semi-trucks on the highways. These massive vehicles take a good deal of training to handle. Moreover, their large size means that due to sheer physics, any accident involving a semi-truck has the potential to be catastrophic. It is important, then, that semi-truck drivers stay as safe as possible while behind the wheel.

Unfortunately, some semi-truck drivers are incentivized financially to make as many deliveries as possible, as quickly as possible. This can lead to driver fatigue, which is a very dangerous situation. The federal government recognizes this, and has regulations regarding how long a truck driver can be on the road before they must stop for a rest.

Florida tourist dies in hit-and-run accident

Many people flock to Florida's beaches and amusement parks every year on family vacations. These are supposed to be happy times where life-long memories will be made. However, one vacation turned tragic when a 58-year-old tourist in Florida recently lost his life after being involved in a hit-and-run pedestrian accident.

The incident occurred on the final day the victim and his family were vacationing in the state. The family was on their way to a restaurant when they stopped by the westbound side of the road so the victim's wife could take a photograph of the victim standing next to a sign with boats in the background. When the victim then went to open the door of his vehicle, he was hit by a motorist heading due west. The motorist fled the scene of the crash. The victim was sent to an area medical center, but ultimately succumbed to his injuries.

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