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Juvenile Crimes


Juvenile Crimes

juvenile-crimesChildren have their whole lives ahead of them. And when a child is charged with a crime, it immediately puts their future at stake. Although the procedures for prosecuting juveniles are not the same as those for prosecuting adults, they can often be harsh for both the children and their parents. If your child has been charged with a juvenile crime, it is vital to ensure that they are represented by an experienced attorney who can work tirelessly to minimize the penalties and help your child learn from the incident and move on with their life.

Children and teenagers can be charged with any number of offenses ranging from shoplifting and drug possession to sex crimes and murder. For less severe charges and first-time offenses, juveniles may sometimes be accepted into certain programs that give them the opportunity to have their charges dropped in exchange for community service. In more serious cases, the courts may decide to try your child as an adult and punish him or her to the fullest extent of the law. If convicted, a child can be either put on probation or placed in detention. There are several levels of residential detention:

  • Minimum Risk: These detention programs allow children who pose little to no risk to themselves or their communities to continue attending work and/or school while they complete their service five days a week.
  • Low Risk: In these detention programs, juveniles who do not pose a serious risk to themselves and the public are placed in campus-like facilities and given full access to their communities.
  • Moderate Risk: Juveniles in these programs are under 24-hour supervision in locked facilities and are only granted some release, which is also supervised.
  • High Risk: These programs do not allow incarcerated juveniles any access to their community during their term of service. But upon completion of the program, the child is allowed to visit home, sign up for school, or attend a job interview during his or her last few days of detention.
  • Maximum Risk: These programs are basically long-term prisons for juveniles in which the children are incarcerated and have no access to their communities.

The juvenile crime attorneys at Canan Law are experienced in minimizing the severity of consequences and protecting your child from being tried as an adult. They fight hard to have your child’s charges dropped or find an alternative, less severe option for their service. If you’re in need of a lawyer who will fight for the best possible future for your child, call Canan Law for a consultation today.

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