Civil Litigation

Unlike criminal prosecution, civil litigation involves filing a lawsuit to resolve a private dispute between two or more parties. Individuals often seek to recover damages for a wrong or request an injunction or specific performance.

The Basic Process

In a nutshell, a civil lawsuit encompasses the following procedures:

  • A complaint is filed: A party files a complaint in a specific court, naming certain parties and alleged allegations against each.
  • A response is filed: The parties whom the complaint is filed with then filed a written response to the complaint, along with any counter-claims they may have against the petitioner.
  • Discovery commences: After the response is filed, both sides engages in what's called the discovery process. The parties learn about all the facts in greater detail in order to prepare for the trial. This can be done by the exchange of documents or questioning via a deposition.

The above is a basic synopsis of the process. However, civil lawsuits are extremely complex and require the skill of an attorney knowledgeable in handling such matters.

Our Civil Litigation Practice

At Canan Law, we have successfully handled many different civil matters for St. Johns and Northeast Florida. Whether through skilled negotiation or litigation we often resolve:

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