Which Court Will Handle Your Florida Divorce?

When the time comes to seek the assistance of a family law attorney to help with your divorce, one of the first things your lawyer will determine is the appropriate court or jurisdiction to file your divorce.

Florida Residents

To file for a divorce in St. Johns County or anywhere in northeast Florida, your lawyer must prove that either you or your spouse live in this area and has also been a Florida resident for at least six months and prior to filing.

Residency for divorce purposes must be corroborated by a driver's license, voter registration, or third-party testimony.

Out-Of-State Residents

For parties whose primary residency is in another state, jurisdiction can be established through what's referred to as a long arm statue, a state law that basically allows a court to have jurisdiction over an individual domiciled in another state as long as that person has sufficient minimum contacts with Florida.

The Laws And Procedures Are Complex. Get An Experienced Firm To Avoid Problems

If you are contemplating divorce, you want an expert divorce attorney who knows the jurisdictional procedures and the law in order to adequately protect your interests.

At Canan Law, our team of divorce attorneys has decades of experience with Florida divorce laws and procedures in St. Johns County.

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