Disorderly Conduct Charges | Penalties You May Face

St. Augustine, Florida, has laws regarding disorderly conduct – these can often be a "catch-all" charge used for any behavior found to be unseemly or offensive to others. You may find yourself facing disorderly conduct charges for:

  • Being drunk in public
  • Public urination
  • Disturbing the peace with loud music, yelling or fighting
  • Loitering in specific areas such as schools or bus stations
  • Disruptive or offensive behavior that is not dangerous
  • Inappropriate behavior near a cemetery, funeral or funeral home
  • Creating hazardous conditions for others
  • Ignoring public safety rules
  • Acting out in self defense

Penalties For Disorderly Conduct

Most instances of disorderly conduct will result in a citation that requires a $500 fine, or a misdemeanor charge. Dangerous or disruptive behaviors could result in your arrest, jail for 60 days to six months, or until someone posts your bail.

Charged With Disorderly Conduct | What Do I Do Now?

Though you have the right to free speech, the first step is to stay silent and not incriminate yourself further with the police. At the first opportunity, contact a defense attorney. Speak with them honestly and openly about your case and avoid discussing the situation with friends or family.

The skilled team at Canan Law has experience defending disorderly conduct charges and misdemeanor crimes. Whether you were intoxicated in public while on your vacation or were celebrating in public too loudly for the local patrons – we can help. Allowing these criminal charges to stay on your record can have repercussions.

If this is your first offense of any kind then allowing these charges to stick will create your criminal record. We can discuss whether a plea bargain is a right path for your case during a free consultation with our attorneys.

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