When Should I Talk To A Lawyer?

Many clients ask us when to talk to a lawyer for the best legal outcomes for themselves. The best time to talk with a lawyer is before a crime happens. If you think trouble is starting, such as the police investigating you or talking to your friends, family and workplace, you need to act. It is a good idea to have an attorney already selected and ready to serve on your behalf. However, many scenarios cannot be foreseen, such as an accident or being pulled over for a traffic stop that escalates.

The attorneys at Canan Law are experienced with police arrests and investigations. We know the best time to help our client is as early as possible. Contact a lawyer as soon as you can when you suspect being investigated or after an arrest, and we can provide detailed strategy on how you should proceed.

Remaining Silent Will Help You

It is essential not to discuss your case with friends or family, or even with the police. You have a right to remain silent and not incriminate yourself – and the police are hoping for anything you say to be used against you. You can ask friends or family to not speak with the police about you, though the choice is ultimately up to them.

Am I Going To Jail?

Depending on the charges involved, there is a chance you may be arrested and held in jail. If this happens, you should obey any police commands, but do not discuss anything else. Just ask to speak with your attorney until it is granted. Once you and your attorney can talk together, they can provide you with a more precise outlook about potential jail time, and fight to keep your freedom.

Know How To Contact Your Lawyer

Have a lawyer's number in your cellphone at all times. It can also be helpful to memorize the number for a time of need. If arrested, most police stations will not help you locate the number of your attorney. In an emergency, it can be helpful to call someone you know and ask them to reach out to your lawyer right away.

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