Trafficking And Selling | Serious Drug Crimes In St. Augustine, Florida

Selling and trafficking may seem like similar offenses, but they are very different crimes in Florida state law. Anyone caught trafficking drugs into the country faces a serious federal offense, whereas selling drugs may be a part of your trafficking charge or just a lesser charge you are facing.

The team at Canan Law is skilled with criminal defense and fighting for lesser penalties for drug offenses. One of our attorneys, Daniel Hilbert, is board-certified in criminal law by The Florida Bar. Less than 7 percent of attorneys hold this certification in the state of Florida. Our other criminal defense attorneys are former state prosecutors – they have years of trial experience and know both sides of the law to help defend drug crime allegation.

We can defend drug crimes such as:

  • Felony charges for selling near children
  • Misdemeanor charges for marijuana
  • Cocaine and "party drugs"
  • Prescription drugs abuse
  • Hydrocodone or Oxycodone
  • Possessing drugs and firearms

Drug Trafficking Charges And Penalties

Being charged with drug trafficking involves a range of offenses. It is the term used for anyone moving a controlled substance into the United States. Depending on the additional actions in your case, it can also encompass other crimes such as selling, purchasing, manufacturing or delivering the drugs. This is considered a federal drug crime that may result in years to life sentences in federal prison, as well as fines that rage into the millions. This level of drug crime does not just affect your life; it can ruin it.

Drug Sales Defined And Penalties You May Face

In Florida, you can face charges both for selling drugs and for "possession with the intent to sell." It is not unusual for certain drug charges to carry minimum mandatory sentences.  To be convicted of selling drugs you have to meet requirements that can be hard to prove in court:

  1. Possession of an illegal substance, which means the drugs could be on your person, in your car or found in your house.
  2. Intent to distribute the drugs, which is often proved by the amount of drugs you have being too high just for "personal use." This can also include having drug paraphernalia, packing materials, cash and proven communications with customers.

If convicted of selling drugs, your penalties can vary widely based on the amount in your possession, the substance involved, and to whom you were selling or attempting to sell to.

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