Injunctions In Florida | We Can Answer Your Questions

An injunction is intended to stop specific behavior from another person or require them to do something. In Florida, injunctions are usually used to protect an individual and can be preliminary, temporary or permanent actions. These are often applied in cases of domestic violence or abuse to bring relief to the victim.

Our team of attorneys at Canan Law has experience filing for – and fighting against – injunctions. We know the local legal system and work with clients to zero-in on the results they are seeking. During a consultation with one of our lawyers, we can help you determine if an injunction is right for you, or if you have grounds to fight the injunction.

Common Types Of Injunctions

Most injunctions you file or are served with will fall into the following categories:

  • Domestic violence or reasonable belief violence will occur
  • Stalking, stalking violence or harassment
  • Repeat violence within the past six months
  • Sexual violence such as battery, lewd acts or forcible sexual activity
  • Sexual violence luring or enticing involving a child
  • Violence between those in a dating relationship within the past six months

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We take protecting the residents of St. Augustine, Florida, seriously. If you are seeking to file an injunction, or feel you have been unfairly served an injunction, contact us today to consult on your case. We can help with restraining orders and civil cases between individuals. Injunctions are a civil matter, but a client may receive criminal charges before or after the injunction is served. We can help you.

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