5 Steps When Served With An Injunction

If the St. Augustine, Florida, Sheriff's Department serves you with an injunction, your mind is likely racing with questions about what to do next. At Canan Law, our team of experienced attorneys can help walk through the best path forward for you, and help defend your case if needed.

What To Do When You Are Served With An Injunction

Follow these steps immediately if you have just been served an injunction:

  1. Cooperate with the police officer who delivers the order
  2. Seek legal advice as soon as possible
  3. Do not try to contact the person the injunctions came from
  4. Do not take any actions that the order prohibits explicitly
  5. Preserve any evidence that might be relevant to your case

These steps will keep you within your legal rights and prevent any harm to your situation, should you wish to fight the injunction or pursue claims of your own.

Fighting An Injunction Or Breach Of Injunction

If the other party has served you with an injunction or is claiming you breached a condition of the injunction, evidence is critical. After speaking with your attorney about your strategy for the case, they may guide or assist you with gathering evidence. It is important not to break any of the conditions of your injunction while doing so, such as contacting the other party.

Contact A Legal Representative For Your Injunction Immediately

The team of lawyers at Canan Law is available to help you through the injunction process from our St. Augustine, Florida, office location or via phone. Call 904-217-6209 to discuss your case, or set up a consultation by using our online form.