Product Liability

Design, Manufacture And Warnings Can All Give Rise To A Cause Of Action

In basic terms, under the theory of product liability, a manufacturer, distributor or seller of a product is liable to those who are injured by their product.

Products do not need to be completely accident proof, however, they do need to be free from hidden or concealed dangers.

Whether it's a toy, food item, car part, or household appliance, there's a duty to adequately design, test, and inspect them all before placing them into the hands of consumers.

In many situations, however, such measures are not taken. The design of a product, the way it's manufactured or the warnings provided may be inadequate and can rise to a cause of action if injury or death occurs.

A Thorough Understanding Of The Complex Nature Of Product Liability

At Canan Law, we can help. Our lawyers have over 60 years of combined experience handling many types of personal injury cases almost exclusively for those in St. Johns and northeast Florida.

We pursue every case individually because every case is unique. The types of compensation available to you is determined by the circumstances of your claim. Most claims, however, can pursue damages for:

• Medical bills
• Lost wages
• Diminished earning capacity
• Pain and suffering
• Funeral expenses (in instances of a wrongful death)

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