A Criminal Attorney in Palatka Discusses Conditions of Release

Criminal-attorney-in-Palatka-300x200.jpgIf you recently served time and are eligible for probation or parole, your criminal attorney in Palatka can help you clearly understand the conditions of your release. It is not uncommon for those serving parole or probation to return to jail due to a violation of their release terms. To avoid this unfortunate scenario, make sure that you understand each condition fully and, if you have questions, contact your parole or probation officer or your criminal lawyer in Palatka.

No-Contact Order

Under Section 921.244 of the Florida Statutes, any offender having committed sexual battery, lewd or lascivious behavior, computer pornography involving an attempt to meet a minor or violent crimes such as murder, burglary, kidnapping, robbery, arson, child abuse or stalking may be ordered to avoid contact with the victim either directly or through a third party. The court may consider a request by the victim, assuming that he or she is at least 18 years of age, to lift the no-contact order. However, as your criminal attorney in Palatka will explain, failure to abide by the no-contact order will result in a charge of a felony in the third degree.

Electronic Monitoring

Some courts are willing to release offenders under the condition that the offender must wear an electronic monitoring device at all times. In Florida, offenders are placed under either radio frequency monitoring or GPS monitoring, and may be required to reimburse the Department of Corrections for the costs of the service. The purpose of these devices is to make certain the offender remains within the geographical area outlined in the provisions of the release.

Third-Party Custodian

Another alternative to serving your sentence behind bars is release to a third-party custodian. This option allows the offender to complete his or her sentence in a home environment while still ensuring that the conditions of probation or parole are followed. The custodian is under a duty to inform the court of any violations and can face criminal penalties for failing to do so.

Contact a Criminal Attorney in Palatka Today

The attorneys at Canan Law can help you if you are faced with recent criminal charges. To make an appointment with a criminal lawyer in Palatka today, call 904-824-9402.

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