A Personal Injury Attorney in St. Augustine Discusses What Adjusters Consider When Evaluating Claims

When adjusters evaluate how much your claim is worth and what they are willing to offer, your personal injury attorney in St. Augustine knows they will take into consideration the following items:

Proportionality between Medical Bills and Injury
Your personal injury attorney in St. Augustine knows that insurance adjusters take a close look at the proportionality that exists between the medical costs incurred and the claimed injuries. If the severity and nature of an injury does not align well with the medical bills, an adjuster’s “sixth sense” will raise alarm bells. In particular, your personal injury attorney in St. Augustine knows that adjusters are sensitive to “build up” in soft tissue injury claims, which is the practice of inflating medical costs in an attempt to increase a claim’s settlement value.

Causal Relationship Existing between Medical Records, Injury, and Accident
When examining the claim for damages presented by a claimant, your personal injury attorney in St. Augustine is aware that insurance adjusters will closely examine all medical records they receive looking for:

  • Documentation of a pre-exiting condition or injury to the same part of the body;
    Documentation of intoxication, drugs, or alcohol;
    Note of prior injuries or claims;
    Medical opinion(s) that support a claim of scarring or permanent injury;
    Medical opinion(s) that support the claimed length of disability; and
    Any reference in the medical record that is different from the “official” accident account the adjuster received.

For instance, your personal injury attorney in St. Augustine may cite the case of a claimant who alleged he injured his back when he fell off a medical examining table. He maintained the table was defective and asserted a claim for product liability. However, the medical records sent to the insurance company made no mention of a fall off an examining table but did mention the claimant had fallen on slippery rocks while walking across a creek. Naturally, any personal injury lawyer in St. Augustine would have a difficult time explaining this discrepancy.

Obtaining a Personal Injury Lawyer in St. Augustine
A personal injury lawyer can help you understand what insurance adjusters are looking for when examining personal injury claims. If you would like to speak with an experienced and knowledgeable personal injury lawyer in St. Augustine, please contact Patrick Canan at 904-824-9402 and request a free consultation.

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