A Ponte Vedra Accident Attorney Reviews How Minor Injury Cases are Evaluated


Your Ponte Vedra accident attorney will most likely define a minor injury case as one in which the bodily injury does not lead to permanent damage and the injured person is able to resume all pre-injury activities once healing has occurred. Listed below are some factors insurance carriers consider when evaluating a minor injury case:

Treating Medical Expense vs. Diagnostic Medical Expense
Your Ponte Vedra accident attorney knows that medical expenses related to treatment are usually more readily accepted by insurance adjusters than medical expenses related to diagnosis. However, a bias of this sort fails to take into consideration the fact that in many cases extensive diagnostic evaluations are needed for musculoligamentous injuries in order to ascertain if the pain is a result of something other than a sprain or strain.

Medical Treatment
Your Ponte Vedra accident attorney is aware that musculoligamentous injuries may not need much in the way of actual medical treatment; treatments for this type of injury often respond well to heat, rest, and analgesics. Insurance adjusters may use the absence of intensive medical treatment to “prove” no injury exists. Your Ponte Vedra accident attorney is also aware that a claimant may undergo “build-ups,” or unnecessary medical treatment, in an effort to accumulate medical expenses.

Treatment Duration
Major injuries typically require more extensive medical treatment than minor injuries. It seems logical then that a claim’s value will go up the longer the treatment duration. However, your Ponte Vedra accident attorney will advise that even though the reasoning seems credible, the conclusion drawn is not always valid, especially in cases in which the length of treatment is applied as an index to injury severity.

Treatment Location
Your Ponte Vedra accident lawyer will advise that when evaluating an injury, the place of treatment will be noted by the insurance adjuster. In most “soft tissue” injuries treatment consists of a physician examining the injury in his or her office or hospital emergency room, followed up with self-treatment of heat, rest and analgesics at home.

If an injury is initially examined in a hospital emergency room and if treatment of any kind takes place in a hospital or physical therapy clinic, an adjuster will view the injury as more serious. Additionally, your Ponte Vedra accident lawyer knows that any type of hospitalization, even just for observation, is usually enough evidence to prove an injury’s occurrence and significance.

Obtaining an Accident Lawyer
If you have been injured and would like to discuss your case with an experienced and knowledgeable Ponte Vedra accident lawyer, please contact the Attorneys at Canan Law by calling 904-824-9402. Call today to request a free consultation.

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