A St Augustine Accident Attorney Discusses Valuing a Claim

The amount of money a person can pocket after filing a personal injury claim is paramount. The value of a case is determined by considering a number of factors, including medical expenses, income loss and other costs. A St Augustine accident lawyer can shed more light on the claim evaluation process.


A St Augustine Accident Attorney on Medical Expenses and Income Loss
By far, one of the most important factors in putting a monetary figure on a claim is the cost of medical expenses. But, when push comes to shove, medical bills really don’t help put a dollar figure on pain, suffering and inconvenience. As a St Augustine accident lawyer can tell you, this is especially true in cases where a claimant’s injuries heal over time with little medical treatment. The amount of income a person loses due to an injury is another important consideration. This is because it shows an actual amount of money the person lost as a result of the accident. A St Augustine accident lawyer can tell you that adjusters often distinguish between gross and net income loss. In fact, most adjusters cut 20 percent off of every lost income amount received.

Additional Expenses to Consider
According to a St Augustine accident lawyer, claimants may recover any other expenses they had to put out as a direct result of the accident. Examples of these expenses would be a rental car service because your vehicle was damaged in the accident and child care or housekeeping services because your injury prevented you from doing it alone. Any of these expenses would need to be proven to adjusters; receipts would need to be presented. No receipts could mean no repayment. In addition, adjusters are suspicious when you are looking to recover money for housekeeping or child care when it is performed by a relative.

A St Augustine Accident Lawyer on Pain and Suffering
The amount of money a claimant receives for pain and suffering is directly impacted by how the adjuster looks at the case in terms of liability and all the above-mentioned factors. A settlement value is reached by looking at the total for medical expenses, income loss and additional expenses that are accepted by the adjuster and their determination on pain and suffering. For example, the insurer may value a case at $5,000, but since the adjuster believes the claimant was responsible for 25 percent of the accident, the settlement offer would be $3,750.

Contact a St Augustine Accident Attorney for Assistance
A settlement offer is reached by looking at medical expenses, income loss, additional expenses and liability. If you were hurt in an accident and have legal questions, call a St Augustine accident lawyer at the Attorneys at Canan Law at 904-824-9402.

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