A St. Augustine Accident Injury Attorney Explains The Insurer’s Mindset

Insurance adjusters have their own system of beliefs and values that color the way they St.-Augustine-Accident-Injury-Lawyer.jpgevaluate a claim. A skilled St. Augustine accident injury lawyer is aware of this system and will work to counteract it.

The following list illustrates the attitudes and mindsets that often characterize a conservative insurance adjuster.

  1. The adjuster’s responsibility to the policy owner is to work for as low a settlement as possible. This is perfectly reasonable because the attorney’s responsibility is to negotiate the highest possible settlement for the plaintiff;
  2. The information given in many claims is overstated if not completely false, or refers to a condition that either was already in existence or has nothing to do with the incident in question;
  3. The information provided by the claimant’s attorney is frequently embroidered in order to make the case appear bigger than it is and should be viewed with skepticism; and
  4. All supporting documentation including invoices from medical facilities, police or other reports and the like must be examined with great care. This contains but is not limited to the following:
  • Is there a question of liability?
  • Could the policy be negated or coverage be denied for any reason?
  • Was the claimant negligent in any way that caused or added to the incident and could negate or limit the amount of settlement?
  • Does the claimant show any medical conditions that existed prior to the incident?
  • Are the claimant’s assertions concerning the financial impact of the incident accurate?
  • Does the claimant have a record of prior criminal activity or anything else that may cast doubt on his or her character?
  • Has the claimant filed this type of case before? Is there a history of lawsuits against businesses for slipping and falling, automobile collision injuries or anything that indicates that this might be a “professional claimant?”
  • Is the claimant’s lawyer reputable and highly regarded? Is the attorney qualified and experienced in this type of case? Is the lawyer respected by his or her peers?
  • Is the hierarchy of authority well defined with regard to case settlement and are there sufficient steps in the process to provide adequate examination of the policies involved?

Adjusters who have been with an insurance company for a long time see many cases in which life was lost or the injuries were profound and devastating. They have experience working with physicians and medical personnel to the degree that they have developed a body of medical knowledge that serves them well in interpreting testimony. Given that many of the cases they deal with can be horrendous, they may assign far less importance to a case that involves soft tissue trauma, torn or strained ligaments and the like.

Seek Qualified Assistance
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