A St. Augustine Attorney Discusses the Hearing Preparation Process

The Rules of Discovery

Your St. Augustine attorney should keep whatever information he can from the prosecution, as allowed by the rules of discovery. The main rule is that the defense does not have discovery rights before the start of a preliminary hearing. However, the rules of discovery in some cases may allow your St. Augustine attorney to obtain some prior information before the hearing witness statements.

Your St. Augustine lawyer can also use the preliminary hearing to subpoena various important records. This can be especially helpful in the cases in which business records which can be opened up and then used to further the investigation process with your St. Augustine attorney.

Visiting the Scene

Your St. Augustine attorney should be sure to visit the scene of the alleged crime to gain valuable information before the hearing itself. This can help settle any inconsistencies in the story and lock down important, key events as accurately as possible. Your St. Augustine attorney will be much better prepared for questions down the line if he has visited the scene in person. Lawyers will also want to photograph the scene with a camera and take any visual evidence with them.

Interviewing Defense Witnesses

To prepare for your preliminary hearing, your St. Augustine lawyer should also thoroughly interview the key defense witnesses just in case they end up not testifying at the hearing later. You will want to let your attorney know your exact version of the events to make sure that your story is not improbable. You will need to develop the theory of defense together with your attorney before the hearing takes place. It is important to have a story that makes sense and represents your side and viewpoint cleanly and clearly.

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