A St. Augustine Personal Injury Law Office Attorney Outlines How Damage Is Assessed

Before a value can be placed on your case, your St. Augustine personal injury lawyer musSt.-Augustine-Personal-Injury-Lawyer-300x200.jpgt thoroughly assess all forms of harm that the incident inflicted on you. The list below touches on some of the criteria that comprise that evaluation.

The Checklist
In order to avoid overlooking anything, your attorney may work from the type of checklist shown below. It sets forth a series of questions that must be answered in order to thoroughly prepare your case for settlement negotiations or for court if a lawsuit is required.

  1. Has the current, previous and future impact of the client’s physical and mental distress been examined in detail and in its entirety?
  2. Is there anyone who can bear witness through testimony and statement that the client has been subjected to physical, mental or emotional suffering and pain?
  3. Are the client’s injuries and resultant suffering supported by medical testimony and doctor’s reports or by videotaped recordings, pictures or film records made by others?
  4. Can the client obtain any relief from the pain either by therapy, medication, exercise, lifestyle changes, the purchase of special equipment or other means?
  5. Has the pain prevented the client from doing accustomed work or forced the client to find another position?
  6. Is the client experiencing psychological or emotional distress as a result of the injury in addition to the physical pain?
  7. Is the mental distress supported by medical evidence?
  8. Is the mental condition being treated through medications, therapy or other means?
  9. Is the psychological distress documented and illustrated by reports from physicians, psychologists or other mental specialists, and is it clear from these reports that the distress originates as a result of the incident?
  10. Did the injury cause any fundamental alteration in the client’s desire to interact with others, pursue activities and diversions for enjoyment?
  11. Has there been a fundamental alteration in the client’s character, lease on life or general attitude?
  12. Has anyone else noticed any difference in the client between now and prior to his injury?

For More Information
If you would like to know more, contact your St. Augustine personal injury law office Attorneys at Canan Law by calling 904-824-9402 today.

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