A St. Augustine Personal Injury Lawyer Assesses A Case

In this article, an experienced St. Augustine personal injury attorney outlines thSt.-Augustine-Personal-Injury-Attorney-300x200.jpgeinformation required when an attorney considers a new case.

When It Happened
It is imperative that you seek legal counsel as soon as possible when you have been involved in an accident or other incident. Since the statute of limitations places time constraints on your ability to seek legal redress from those who injured you, delay can cost you dearly. Equally or even more costly are the potential mistakes that can be made if you try to represent yourself without a lawyer to work on your behalf.

How It Happened
Liability is the issue here. If no one is to blame for the incident save yourself, you may find it difficult to find a lawyer willing to work with you. Further, it is to your advantage to be completely honest and forthcoming when explaining your situation. A potential client who seems to be trying to avoid answering questions, whose answers are unhelpful or who seems to be withholding information is not likely to engage an attorney’s sympathy or trust.

Where It Happened
The location at which the incident occurred affects not only the degree of expediency for the attorney but also the venue in which the case is to be tried if the process goes that far. Proximity to the scene of the incident makes investigation much easier than it would be if the attorney’s office was a considerable distance away.

How You Were Hurt
When you are hurt, do not allow too much time to pass before seeking medical help. This is not only for your own sake, but it will assist you when you present your situation to an attorney. If, after the incident, you go about your ordinary business for a week or two without seeing your doctor or other medical facility, it will be difficult for anyone from an attorney to a judge to think that you could have been very badly hurt. A physician’s assessment of your injuries will also be of value when you discuss the harm you sustained with your attorney.

How You Are Now
In addition to a doctor’s assessment of the degree of harm you sustained in the incident, your attorney will need to consider the physician’s prognosis and evaluation of your present medical status. Whether your injuries will result in permanent impairment or will heal completely affects how your case proceeds. The degree, type and length of treatment will also be a consideration.

Who Saw It Happen
An eyewitness account from anyone who saw the accident or incident occur, especially if the circumstances were life-threatening or otherwise critical, will be of great importance to your lawyer. Your attorney or the person conducting the investigation will need to speak to these people without loss of time.

If You Have Been Involved in an Accident
Your St. Augustine personal injury attorney has the expertise and experience to assist you. Contact Patrick Canan at 904-824-9402 today.

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