A St. Augustine Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Factors Affecting Case Value

There are many factors that affect how a judge or jury reacts to your case when you go to St.-Augustine-personal-injury-attorney-300x195.jpg
trial. A skilled St. Augustine personal injury attorney will take these under advisement in order to present your situation in the most effective light.

Damage to the Vehicle
Juries tend to equate personal injury with collision damage. Due to increased safety measures, modern cars are able to withstand greater impact than older models from several decades ago. The degree of damage that your vehicle sustained in a collision can affect the jury’s estimation of your own injuries. They are far more likely to lend credence to a claim of serious injury if the front of your vehicle looks like it’s been through a shredder than they will if all they see is a slight scratch or dent. It is vital that photographs are taken either on the scene, if possible, or as soon after as can be managed. Pictures of the defendant’s car are as important to your case as pictures of your own. The condition of the vehicle that struck you can tell a great deal about what happened and can also bear out your claims of serious personal harm.

Jury’s Reaction to You
The way in which you present yourself in court is a strong factor in how your situation is considered and how the jury will react to you. Also, your attorney has to be able to feel comfortable with the way you appear to the jury. If your attorney feels that you are unlikely to make a positive impression, he or she may recommend that you accept if the insurance carrier makes a decent offer.

The “Good” Defendant
Your case is also affected by the way in which the jury perceives the opposition. Often in a small case, the defendant is someone that the jury can’t blame too severely. This is the disabled senior neighbor who was unable to find someone to shovel the snow off the sidewalk or the terrified parent who hit your car while driving a sick child to the emergency room. When the jury is able to sympathize with the defendant, it can make them rather less likely to sympathize with you.

The “Bad” Defendant
This is the aggressive driver who becomes abusive even though it was he who cut you off, the street thug who robbed and assaulted you, the burglar who broke into your home or the substance-abusing driver of the car that hit you. When a jury sees a defendant they can profoundly dislike, their sympathy for you rises and so does the amount of your settlement.

Protect Yourself
If you have been injured through the fault of others, you need the services of a dedicated, experienced St. Augustine personal injury lawyer. Call Patrick Canan at 904-824-9402 today.

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