Accident on I-95 kills Brevard County officer

Many people in Florida travel on Interstate 95 daily, with the biggest inconvenience being a traffic jam during rush hour. However, no part of the interstate is immune from motor vehicle accidents. And, unfortunately, some of these accidents are fatal.

An accident on I-95 between a Brevard County deputy and a semi-truck led to the death of the officer. The accident took place on I-95 southbound in the early hours of the morning. The officer was operating his marked police vehicle when a tire on the semi-truck blew out. The driver of the semi-truck lost control of his vehicle and struck the officer’s vehicle. The officer had been serving in the police force for over a decade.

While sometimes a car crash is caused by a negligent driver, sometimes it is due to a vehicle malfunction. It is important that all components of a motor vehicle are operating properly. Unfortunately, sometimes a part of a vehicle will break while it is being driven. This is a dangerous situation for anyone to be in, but especially when the vehicle at issue is a semi-truck. The sheer size disparity between semi-trucks and standard motor vehicles can make accidents involving these behemoth vehicles potentially catastrophic.

This tragic accident serves as a reminder that semi-truck accidents can be deadly affairs. This officer will be missed by many in his community. In situations like this, residents of St. Augustine may want to consult with a legal professional, to determine what their options are for compensation.

Source: WFTV, “Brevard deputy killed in crash with semi on I-95, officials say,” Feb. 18, 2018

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