An accident can forever change one’s life

When someone is driving down Interstate 95 in Florida, they will encounter all sorts of drivers. While one can only hope that these motorists are driving defensively and with due care, sadly, this is not always the case. Some drivers may be traveling well above the speed limit, they may be tailgating or they may be abruptly changing lanes without signaling or checking their blind spot. Moreover, distracted drivers, drowsy drivers and drunk drivers can be found on any roadway, including I-95. These motorists can present a danger to all on the road.

When a person is injured in a collision caused by a negligent driver, the damages they experience can be extensive. There will be a hospital stay and aftercare, which can be very costly. Moreover, a person may be unable to work, leading to lost wages and financial stress.

Some people may find that their injuries have led to a permanent disability, rendering them completely unable to live their life as they did prior to the crash. And, if the victim was killed in the accident, their survivors may be left to cope without the income and companionship their loved one provided.

All it takes is one negligent driver to forever change the lives of innocent motorists and their families. Therefore, those injured in car crashes on I-95 may want to learn what legal options they have for pursuing compensation. Our firm is not afraid to dig deep to uncover the cause of a car crash, so that appropriate action can be taken against the party responsible for the accident. We aim to do all we can to help our clients get the compensation they deserve.

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