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A Ponte Vedra Accident Lawyer Reviews Lowballing Techniques


The techniques outlined below are some of the strategies your Ponte Vedra accident lawyer knows unscrupulous insurance adjusters may use to decrease the damages a claimant should reasonably be able to expect.

Your Ponte Vedra accident lawyer knows that some adjusters may conveniently "neglect" to offer to pay damages the claimant is entitled to, such as money for a rental vehicle during the time the claimant's car is being repaired or lost wages incurred by the claimant. Instead, the adjuster may inform the claimant he or she should arrange for transportation with a friend or co-worker and that the claimant should use vacation time or sick leave.

Your Ponte Vedra accident lawyer knows that some adjusters may not even offer to reimburse the medical bills the claimant has incurred resulting from the accident. The adjuster may instead advise that the claimant use the employer's policy or her or his personal medical coverage.

Professional Time
If the claimant is self-employed, owns a small business or is a lawyer, dentist or doctor, your Ponte Vedra accident lawyer knows that the adjuster may assume the claimant cannot afford the time off to litigate a claim. Many times this assumption is correct. Therefore, the adjuster realizes claimants in these categories may be more likely to accept a smaller amount of damages for their claim.

Deceitful Settlement Authority
Your Ponte Vedra accident lawyer will advise that an adjuster may obtain a memo from his or her claims supervisor stating only a certain amount of money will be paid out to the claimant. Even though the adjuster knows the case is worth more, he or she can use the memo as evidence the insurance company is willing to pay only so much.

Excessive Depreciation
Your Ponte Vedra accident attorney will advise that some adjusters may use depreciation tables with no valid relationship to the claim at hand, or use excessive depreciation tables.

Free Help
Another tactic your Ponte Vedra accident attorney knows may be used is for the adjuster to coerce a claimant to expend his or her own money to take care of a salvaged vehicle.

Legal Counsel
If you are concerned about the possibility of your insurance adjuster engaging in lowballing techniques and would like to visit with an experienced and knowledgeable Ponte Vedra accident attorney, please contact the Attorneys at Canan Law at 904-824-9402 and request a free consultation.

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