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Discuss All Your Plea Options With a St. Johns County Defense Lawyer


There may come a point during your criminal trial where you are offered a plea bargain. You'll first hear about this from your St. Johns County defense lawyer. Basically, you'll be pleading guilty to a lesser charge. This can also mean an automatic jail sentence. Whether or not you accept this plea is up to you. However, you'll want to hear what your experienced St. Johns County defense attorney has to say on the matter. That plea bargain might end up being the best deal on the table.

Consider the Consequences
Before you have the chance to accept or reject a plea bargain, you will have the opportunity to go over all the evidence with your St. Johns County defense lawyer. This is the time for an honest assessment of your chances in open court. Obviously, the ultimate goal is to be found innocent of all charges. However, sometimes the prosecutor has put together such a strong case that not even the best St. Johns County defense attorney can sway a jury. That's really the issue: Can you and your St. Johns County defense lawyer convince a jury of your innocence?

Consider the Options
Suppose you're facing a mandatory sentence of 25 years? Would accepting a plea with a guarantee sentence of 15 years be a better option? Your St. Johns County defense lawyer might suggest that it is. You'll want to think about your family obligations, your age and if you understand what prison life is like. It's not a position anyone wants to be in, but with the help of your St. Johns County defense lawyer, you should be able to make the right call.

Get the Answers From Your St. Johns County Defense Lawyer
If you're presented with a plea bargain, then you should have the opportunity to discuss it with your friends and family to get their opinions. Your St. Johns County defense lawyer will be able to answer any follow-up questions. As mentioned above, the final decision will be yours. Having a veteran St. Johns County defense attorney like Patrick Canan working your case will ensure that you can make an informed decision. Call his office today at 904-824-9402 to discuss your options.

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