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April 2014 Archives

Why Should the Pre-Sentence Investigation Report Be Challenged?

While determining sentencing, the judge in your case will rely partially on the information in your pre-sentencing investigation report, which is otherwise known as a PSIR. Before this report is taken into consideration, it should be reviewed thoroughly by you and your St. Augustine criminal defense attorney. Inaccuracies in the report could not only affect the sentence that you receive, but they could affect your security classification if you have to serve time in prison.St.-Augustine-Criminal-Defense-Attorney-300x200.jpg

Factors Affecting Settlement Value

Unfortunately, many insurance companies prey on unsuspecting accident victims. This is especially true in cases where victims are not represented by a attorney in St. Augustine. Below are some common tricks that insurance companies use to manipulate accident victims into settling for a lower settlement than they deserve.Attorney-in-St.-Augustine-626x1024.jpg

Telltale Signs of a Bad Client

When a St. Augustine personal injury law firm meets with you for the first time, they will be looking for certain clues to determine if you are a good client to work with. No attorney wants to endure a toxic attorney-client relationship while representing somebody. Most injury attorneys know that troublesome clients usually give some hints early on that they are not pleasant to work withSt.-Augustine-Personal-Injury-Law-Firm-300x200.jpg.

4 Simple Rules and 12 Additional Suggestions for Giving Good Testimony

One of the most important characteristics that every witness' testimony must possess is credibility. In order for a jury to rule in your favor, you must present testimony that is both believable and easy for a jury to understand. Here are a few tips from our lawyers in Palatka Florida that can help you to ensure that your testimony does just that.lawyers-in-palatka-florida1.jpg

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