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July 2014 Archives

St. Augustine DUI Lawyer Discusses Florida DUI Laws

Driving under the influence is considered a serious offense in virtually all states in the country. Florida imposes severe sentences on drivers who drink and drive, particularly those who develop a history of arrests and convictions. If you have been arrested, it is imperative that you hire a strong and aggressive St. Augustine DUI attorney who will fight for you. The cost of a conviction is dear and can have repercussions in your life for years to come.

Settlement, Trial, and Appeal: a Few Key Facts Every Plaintiff Should Know

It is possible in St. Augustine personal injury cases to settle the claim with the assistance of a personal injury attorney. By taking this course of action, a personal injury plaintiff can avoid the cost, time and hassle of a trial. Here are a few facts that personal injury plaintiffs should know before going forward with their case. 

Delaying Claims

Your St. Augustine personal injury attorney can explain how the value of your claim canAugustine-Personal-Injury-Attorney-300x200.jpg be affected, for better or worse.

8 Things You Can Do to Help Your Personal Injury Attorney Get the Best Result in Your Case

While our clients count on us for aggressive representation in order to obtain the best possible result in their case, other factors could impact the case results. Our personal injury lawyer can review eight other things that could affect the outcome of their case. 

Canan Law

If you are searching for a St. Augustine criminal defense attorney, look no further. Our Criminal-Defense-Attorney.jpgfirm at Canan Law includes former state prosecutors who understand the nuances of the local, state and federal criminal justice system. They know how the prosecution thinks and can walk you through this challenging time. Our lawyers have worked on all types of cases, such as drug crimes, crimes against others, fraud, computer crimes, sex offenses, traffic crimes and property crimes. Even if you think your case is not serious, you need effective representation that can stay by your side throughout the court process.

Get Maximum Value From Your Collision Coverage

It is important that you are knowledgeable about the amount of collision coverage to which you are entitled. Having this knowledge can help ensure that you receive the full value to which you are entitled. Your St. Augustine criminal attorney can advise you about three common ways that insurance companies attempt to avoid awarding claimants the full coverage amount. 

Patrick Canan

Florida has enacted tough laws related to the enforcement of DUI crimes. Patrick Canan St.-Augustine-DUI-attorney.jpgfocuses a large portion of his practice on defending clients who have been accused of drinking and driving or driving while under the influence of drugs. While these cases can be successfully defended, state law only gives someone 10 days after an arrest for a St. Augustine DUI attorney to seek a hearing after a license suspension and to request an extension for a temporary license. This time constraint means that you should contact us immediately if you face DUI charges.

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