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Florida has enacted tough laws related to the enforcement of DUI crimes. Patrick Canan St.-Augustine-DUI-attorney.jpgfocuses a large portion of his practice on defending clients who have been accused of drinking and driving or driving while under the influence of drugs. While these cases can be successfully defended, state law only gives someone 10 days after an arrest for a St. Augustine DUI attorney to seek a hearing after a license suspension and to request an extension for a temporary license. This time constraint means that you should contact us immediately if you face DUI charges.

Overview of Florida DUI Laws
The maximum blood-alcohol-level concentration allowed before a driver is considered to be legally impaired is .08 percent. In some cases, the police might charge a person with impairment even if their BAC level was under .08 percent, especially if they were in an accident. A first-time offender could possibly see their driver's license suspended for 12 months. However, the offender's license could be reinstated in certain cases, such as to drive back and forth to work, after 30 days. Additional penalties might include the forfeiture of the vehicle and the installation of an ignition interlock device, which tests a person's breath before the vehicle can be started. An open container of alcohol is not allowed in a vehicle by either a driver or a passenger.

Two Separate Parts for DUI Cases
Unlike other criminal cases, you will need to address two parts of a DUI offense: the criminal aspect and the administrative aspect through the Department of Motor Vehicles. People are sometimes confused and think that once they have dealt with DMV, their case is resolved or vice versa. Unfortunately, they need to address both parts of their case. A determined St. Augustine DUI lawyer can represent you in both the criminal case and before DMV. Mr. Canan realizes that you need to be able to drive in order to manage your daily affairs. Let him defend you so that you can go to work, support your family and take care of your responsibilities.

Patrick Canan, a St. Augustine DUI attorney, understands the serious implications of an alcohol or drug-related conviction. He will work diligently on your behalf, so contact him today at 904-824-9402.

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