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August 2014 Archives

Five Defense Steps

In order to build a strong defense in a criminal case, there are certain specific things that an experienced St. Johns County criminal lawyer will do. This article outlines and describes these actions.

Speak Up To Invoke Your Right To Remain Silent

When a suspect has been taken into custody, they are read the Miranda Warnings, which state the suspect has the right to remain silent. However, this usually won't stop officers from posing simple questions they want the suspect to answer. No matter the questions, suspects should remain silent until they can consult with an St. Augustine criminal attorney. 

How a Criminal Record Can Impact Long-term Aspects of Your Life

If you have been convicted of a crime, you may experience long term consequences beyond the sentence ordered by the judge. If you face charges, contact an experienced Palm Coast felony lawyer as soon as possible. Although your attorney cannot guarantee an acquittal, he or she can help you mount an aggressive defense. Additionally, your attorney can discuss what you can expect in the event of a conviction.

Guidelines for Probation and Release Conditions

If you have been arrested and held in custody, you might face unacceptable release conditions that could jeopardize your freedom. Our St. Augustine criminal defense attorney can review three aspects of the case for you. First, they will assess related criminal law and precedence in the matter. Even when the probation department suggests strict terms, the judge generally has leeway when enforcing said terms. Unusual terms are easier to challenge. Second, your attorney can question if the release term is relevant to the situation. The courts generally look for the least restrictive measures in order to effectively and reasonably accomplish the goals of the court. These goals include community and victim safety and the rehabilitation of the defendant.

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