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Florida hit and run car accidents can be harder to recover for

Being the victim of a car accident is difficult. The stress that comes with the adrenaline rush during the crash often lingers after the fact, leaving one feeling tired and spent, emotionally and physically. Then, there's dealing with any injury that has occurred, which often means having to rely on others' help to get out of a vehicle, or to a medical facility. But what happens when one is left alone after an accident? When the other driver involved simply drives away, leaving the victim there to deal with the aftermath, the situation can become catastrophic.

In Florida, about one quarter of accidents involve a hit and run. While most of these only result in property damage, there are plenty of injury accidents in which one driver flees as well. In this situation, obviously the first thing to do is to make sure the injured victim is taken care of. Getting the person who was hurt medical attention is always first priority. But, anyone who witnessed the accident may want to think about writing down a license plate number or other descriptive information so that the potentially liable party may be found later.

When one is injured in a Florida car accident, there is the possibility of recovering damages if one was injured by the fault of another. Unfortunately, this is much harder to do if the responsible individual is unknown. The police will often do what they can to find the perpetrator of a hit and run, but they have certain restrictions about how they can investigate.

Having someone with the victim's own interests in mind may be beneficial as well. St. Augustine, Florida, hit and run auto accident compensation lawyers often have access to professionals who can investigate and reconstruct accident scenes and may have more time and money to conduct such searches to find the individual responsible for an injury. While it may be more difficult to find a hit and run driver so as to pursue legal compensation, once it is done, the act of leaving the scene may make it more likely that adjudicators will see that that individual acted negligently in the first place.

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