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July 2018 Archives

The Florida college scene: Is alcohol causing your problems?

Thousands of young adults attend college in Florida. Perhaps you're one of many in-state students who commute or attend a school not far from your home town. You may also be one of many who come to St. Augustine or a nearby region to go to college from the West Coast or somewhere else in the United States. You're likely to meet diverse groups of people while you're in school. You'll also find you have things in common with some.

1984 pedestrian safety law saved thousands of lives in Florida

The Sunshine State is well known for its many tourist attractions and pleasant temperatures during the winter months. This means that many people flock to Florida in the summer as tourists or in the winter as a way to escape the cold. Whether one is a resident of the state, a tourist or a "snow bird," it is not unusual for people in Florida to take to the streets on foot, despite the fact that Florida has the dubious honor of being one of the most dangerous states for pedestrians.

Tips to follow if one is run off the road by a 'phantom driver'

It can happen in a split second. One minute you are driving down the road safely, when out of the blue, another car swerves into your lane. To avoid being struck by that driver, you end up veering off the road, striking a fence, tree, or, even worse, another motorist. Then, the driver who caused you to take evasive action simply flees the scene. These types of accidents are referred to as phantom driver accidents, and they can differ in numerous ways from a typical two-vehicle crash in Florida.

Intoxicated drivers should be held accountable in a crash

Summer fun means different things to different people. For some people, it means taking a road trip or going camping. To others, it is simply spending the day at the beach or pool. Whatever the occasion, people in Florida will often toast to summer with a drink or two. However, when one drink becomes two and then three or more, a person can easily become drunk. Intoxicated people do not always make responsible decisions, and one of the worst decisions they can make is to try to drive while drunk.

Drunk driver strikes St. Augustine pedestrian

Most people understand that it is dangerous to drive under the influence. Unfortunately, despite all the public initiatives and warnings, there will still be people in Florida who engage in drunk driving. They may not think they are intoxicated, or even worse, they may think they are a better driver when drunk. In either case, if they cause a drunk driving accident, they could seriously injure other individuals.

What is DUI school?

If you find yourself facing a drugged or drunk driving charge, you may have a lot of questions about potential penalties and alternative sentencing options. The state of Florida does offer DUI school to certain offenders as a way to minimize consequences and help people get their licenses back.

Semi-truck crashes are still an issue in Florida

Semi-trucks delivering goods from one end of the country to the other are an essential part of commerce in our nation. However, driving a semi-truck takes special care. Those who wish to operate a tractor-trailer in St. Augustine must first obtain a special driver's license that shows they have taken classes and passed a test indicating that they are qualified to operate these large vehicles. Moreover, government regulations exist that mandate when a truck driver must take rest breaks and for how long.

Can in-car technology reduce distracted driving accidents?

Technology has been advancing at a rapid rate. Not only have smartphones given people in Florida the ability to do so much more than make a simple phone call, but new cars themselves are also being equipped with technology that allows a driver to complete a variety of tasks that they'd normally do through their cellphones by using a touch screen on the car itself. This technology is touted as a safer option than using a cellphone while behind the wheel. However, does this technology really decrease distracted driving?

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