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Are field sobriety tests proof that you are driving impaired?

When police pull you over, whether because they suspect you have been drinking or for an unrelated reason, they are constantly using their powers of observation to detect if you are impaired behind the wheel. The friendly banter in which they engage you as you roll down your window is really a method of observing your speech patterns, your demeanor and any tell-tale odors on your breath.

Drugs that pose the most risk for Florida college students

Whether you're attending a Florida university as resident of the state or have come here for school from elsewhere in the nation, living away from home on a college campus typically includes various challenges. If it's the first time you've ever lived apart from your family, you may feel a bit homesick for a while. It would also be considered quite normal if you were to struggle academically, as you adapt to the rigors of college education.

Keep these DUI facts in mind if a police officer pulls you over

Are you a social drinker, meaning you typically only consume alcohol on occasion, when attending social events? Perhaps you reserve your drinking habits for a more private setting, such as a chaise lounge in your own backyard. Maybe you're one of many people in Florida who completely abstain from alcohol at all times. In either of these three settings, do you know if you were to get behind the wheel to drive, you may wind up facing DUI charges?

After a DUI, will you have to get an ignition interlock device?

A drunk driving conviction could result in various penalties that could affect many areas of your life. From your personal freedom to your reputation, a DUI can negatively impact your future. It is always worthwhile to defend yourself against any type of drunk driving charge, even if it is your first offense.

What penalties can I expect from my DUI?

Drunk driving charges are serious, even if it is your first offense. Many Florida drivers underestimate the serious nature of these charges, and as a result, simply plead guilty and accept consequences. No matter your criminal history or the nature of the charges against you, you would be wise to vigorously defend yourself against a DUI.

Don't go back and forth in figuring out how to handle whiplash

As you drive to work, your mind may feel consumed with thoughts about the upcoming activities of the day, such as the seminar you have to teach, the business meeting and cooking dinner once you get home. However, all of a sudden, a nearby car hits you without warning, thus forcing your mind to return to the present from the future.

Are built-in vehicle features placing you at risk for injury?

Florida readers know that distracted driving is a major problem. It is one of the leading causes of car accidents, and it is one of the biggest threats to the safety of motorists. If you suffered injuries in a car accident, chances are that distraction played a role in some capacity. However, distraction goes beyond texting and cellphones.

Using a hands-free device could lead drivers to distraction

Florida drivers know that using a cell phone while driving can be risky, even dangerous, and that it can lead to an increased chance of a serious car accident. In order to avoid holding their phones while driving, many people use a hands-free device to talk while behind the wheel. These devices may seem safer, but in reality, they can still be quite distracting.

What elements may play into a DUI charge?

If you have never faced any type of legal trouble, you may feel panicked and overwhelmed if you suddenly face criminal charges. Commonly, individuals have allegations of driving under the influence brought against them, and in your case, the charges may have come about unexpectedly. Because you have a clean record and feel unprepared when it comes to such a situation, you may wish to gain more information.

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