Can the interstate ever be the scene of a pedestrian accident?

Pedestrians can be found on more than just sidewalks in Florida. They may have to walk on the side of the road if there is no sidewalk. They may be in a crosswalk at an intersection. They may even be walking in a parking lot going from their car to the building. And, sometimes, pedestrians can be found on the interstate.

Therefore, motorists in St. Augustine need to keep an eye out for pedestrians, even on the interstate. In fact, being aware of pedestrians on the interstate is especially important, since most motorists are driving at a higher rate of speed than they would be on other roads. This makes accidents involving pedestrians on the interstate especially catastrophic, as pedestrians are already vulnerable because they are not in a vehicle with seatbelts and airbags.

Pedestrians can be on an interstate for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, they are trying to cross the interstate. Moreover, over 90 percent of auto-pedestrian accidents take place after the sun has gone down. Pedestrians may also be on the shoulder of the interstate, perhaps due to a car crash or if their vehicle breaks down. Sometimes, a pedestrian needs to push their broken-down vehicle over to the side of the interstate. Also, sometimes pedestrians leave their vehicles to assist other people who have been in a car collision on the interstate.

Distracted driving, drunk driving and driver mistakes can all contribute to pedestrian accidents on the interstate. While pedestrians do have an obligation to act with due care on the interstate, so do motorists. Pedestrians injured while on the interstate may want to take the steps necessary to determine whether they can pursue compensation for the damages they suffered.

Source: FindLaw, “Pedestrian Accidents on Interstate Highways,” Accessed Nov. 19, 2017

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