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Selecting the right attorney is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. In a civil or criminal case, much is at stake financially and personally. You deserve the best legal representation available, and one way to ensure you’ve found the right attorney or firm is by seeking a Martindale-Hubbel AV rated attorney.

Martindale-Hubbel provides rating services which allow the public to more easily select a lawyer with the experience, reputation, legal ability and ethics required to give clients the highest level of legal counsel and representation. The two-letter rating system ranks reputable lawyers based on ethical standards and legal ability. All ratings are peer-reviewed, reliant on the opinions of judges and fellow attorneys.

A two-letter rating always contains a V as the second letter. This indicates General Ethical Standards, a criteria attorneys must meet in order to be evaluated and given a full two-letter rating.

The first letter in an attorney’s rating indicates Legal Ability.

  • AV Preeminent: The highest rating attainable by attorneys, an AV rating shows that an attorney’s peers rank him or her in the top echelon of the legal profession.
  • BV Distinguished: An excellent rating for a lawyer still gaining valuable professional experience, a BV rating indicates that an attorney is respected by his or her peers.
  • Rated: Not yet rated for Legal Ability, a Rated attorney meets Martindale-Hubbel’s Very High criteria of the General Ethical Standing.

When seeking legal counsel or representation, you should always inquire about an attorney’s Martindale-Hubbel rating.

Patrick Canan of Canan Law has achieved the esteemed AV rating in recognition of his outstanding experience, legal prowess and expertise, ethics and professionalism. By selecting an AV rated attorney, rest assured that you have secured a recognized leader in the legal profession to represent your interests.

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