5 Steps To Take If You Are Arrested

5 Steps To Follow If You Are Arrested

We know being arrested is overwhelming and stressful. It is a confusing time for you and your family. You may be wondering if you will go to jail or how much hiring an attorney will cost. At Canan Law, experienced legal help can be more affordable than you think.It can be a huge help to consult with us before you are arrested, such as when the police begin investigating you or speaking to your friends and family. If the arrest comes as a surprise, follow these steps to ease the process.

5 Steps To Take If You Are Arrested In St. Augustine, Florida

  1. Stay silent. You do not need to answer police questions or incriminate yourself. Trying to explain the situation can backfire quickly. Follow police commands immediately, such as walk, sit or stand. Do not resist arrest or it may hinder your case.
  2. Ask for your lawyer immediately. Continue asking until granted this right. This is the only thing you should say to the police.
  3. If you are arrested, contact a bail bondsman or a friend to help get you out.
  4. Gather evidence for your case. You will need to identify witnesses and any relevant evidence to give to your attorney. This will help form their defense for the case.
  5. Be honest with your lawyer. Anything you say is kept confidential from everyone else, including the police. A lawyer does not use what you say against you.

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