Dangerous I-95 ramp needs improvements

Drivers need to take caution when entering or exiting the interstate, but it is important that our interstates are designed in a way that allows for safe driving. Described by many as “confusing,” since 2011, one particular off-ramp on Interstate 95 in Florida has seen over three dozen collisions. In response to this, the speed limit on that ramp was lowered. However, the problem persists.

In one recent incident, a woman lost her life on the ramp. The woman was unable to execute a turn, causing her vehicle to drive over a raised median and crash into a cement wall. She died at the scene of the accident. In another incident back in April, a tow-truck driver attempting to secure a semi-truck ended up falling off the ramp. The tow-truck driver did not survive the crash.

There are slow speed signs and flashing lights at the ramp. Following the tow truck driver’s death, the Florida Department of Transportation put up additional warning signs, reflectors and yellow paint. In addition, the speed limit was reduced to 30 miles per hour, and then to five miles per hour where drivers must turn sharply to the right on the off-ramp through a T-intersection. However, a motorist traveling at 65 miles per hour has only a quarter of a mile to reduce their speed.

The Florida Department of Transportation stated that improvements to that off-ramp might be made a part of an expansion project on the express lane in that area that is set to begin in 2020. In the meantime, it is up to motorists to drive at an appropriate speed, and police should ticket those who fail to abide by the posted speed limit.

Unfortunately, despite signs, warnings or even a police presence, I-95 off-ramps are dangerous. Victims of I-95 car accidents might want to research what their rights are in such situations, so that they can hold the appropriate parties accountable for their actions.

Source: Sun Sentinel, “Another death at I-95 exit prompts calls for safety solutions,” Wayne K. Roustan, Dec. 30, 2017

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