Delaying Claims

Your St. Augustine personal injury attorney can explain how the value of your claim canAugustine-Personal-Injury-Attorney-300x200.jpg be affected, for better or worse.

Lack of Authority
Each claims adjuster has to get authority to sign off on an insurance claim settlement. Many insurance adjusters have experience in determining the relative value of a claim before they receive contact from a St. Augustine personal injury lawyer. However, they may still say that they will have to get authority to settle your claim in order to delay the process or to further investigate your claim. If this happens in your case, it may be best for your attorney to file a lawsuit to show that you are serious about the claim and to avoid unnecessary delays in your case.

Response Refusal
In some cases, an attorney may send a letter of demand, asking the insurance company to quickly resolve your claim. Some adjusters may miss the deadline included in this letter for a valid reason, such as being busy with other cases or lack of receiving the demand letter. However, in some cases, the claims adjuster may refuse to respond because he or she wants to further stall the case or to signal that settlement is fruitless.

Legal Assistance
If you run into the situation in which a claims adjuster is refusing to answer your letter, your St. Augustine personal injury attorney can contact the insurance company to see if it has received the letter and is willing to negotiate for a fair amount. If the insurance adjuster says that he or she will contact the attorney at another time, the attorney can send another polite reminder and then file suit if there is no movement on the case. Alternatively, your attorney may ask to visit with the adjuster personally in order to get a reasonable offer upfront and in person. However, another option is that your attorney can proceed with the case by filing a complaint in court to see if that causes the insurance company to respond.

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