Drunk driver strikes St. Augustine pedestrian

Most people understand that it is dangerous to drive under the influence. Unfortunately, despite all the public initiatives and warnings, there will still be people in Florida who engage in drunk driving. They may not think they are intoxicated, or even worse, they may think they are a better driver when drunk. In either case, if they cause a drunk driving accident, they could seriously injure other individuals.

A St. Augustine man was recently hospitalized after being struck by a vehicle, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. The incident began when a woman was heading northbound on U.S. 1, when she struck another automobile from behind. The collision forced that automobile onto the shoulder of the road, where it struck the victim. He was hospitalized and is listed in serious condition. The driver and passengers of the vehicle that was rear-ended also suffered minor injuries and were hospitalized. The woman who caused the collision has been charged with DUI and reckless driving.

As this shows, drunk driving can affect not just other motorists, but pedestrians as well. When a person is driving under the influence, they are not in control of their physical and mental acuities. Therefore, they are breaching their legal duty to drive in a manner that is reasonable under the circumstances. Pedestrians are especially vulnerable in drunk driving accidents, since they are not protected in the way a person in an automobile is; they are left entirely exposed to the impact of the vehicle.

When a person is injured in a drunk driving accident, they are often lucky to survive. If they do, they could incur significant medical expenses, could lose income from being unable to work and may experience great pain and suffering. When this happens, they may want to determine whether they can pursue legal compensation by holding the drunk driver accountable.

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