Drunk driving crash in ‘Alligator Alley’ kills one, injures 14

While most people in Florida know that driving under the influence is dangerous and illegal, there will always be those who flaunt the law and drive after having consumed too much alcohol. Unfortunately, doing so endangers not just the drunk driver, but every other motorist on the road.

The area of Interstate 75 in Broward County, colloquially called “Alligator Alley,” was recently the scene of a fatal drunk driving accident. According to a Florida Highway Patrol spokesman, a motorist operating a pickup truck struck a van after driving recklessly and almost causing a few other accidents. The motorist was traveling in the right-hand lane of traffic when he swerved into the left-hand lane of traffic, striking the van.

The force of the collision caused both the pickup truck and the van to roll over numerous times. Fifteen people were in the van when the crash occurred, including five minors. One occupant of the van was thrown from the vehicle. Ultimately, the collision between the pickup truck and the van injured 14 people, and caused one fatality. The driver has been charged with driving under the influence. At the time of the accident, the motorist operating the pickup truck had a blood-alcohol content level that was two times greater than the legal limit.

This tragic incident serves as a sobering reminder of how dangerous drunk driving can be. It can cause innocent individuals to become injured or even killed through no fault of their own. While those who cause drunk driving accidents may be criminally prosecuted, it is important to remember that it may be possible to file a civil action against them for their negligence. Those in St. Augustine who want to learn more about the possibility of pursuing a lawsuit following a drunk driving accident may want to take the steps necessary to make informed choices.

Source: fox4now.com, “Crash that killed 1, injured 14 results in DUI arrest for Fort Myers man,” March 8, 2018

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