Fiery tanker truck crash in Florida injures two, kills one

Some semi-trucks carry dangerous materials. Therefore, should one of these vehicles be involved in an accident, it’s likely that the crash will result in injuries or even fatalities.

A tanker truck carrying hydrogen peroxide was recently involved in a collision on Interstate 95 in the area of Micco, Florida, and killed the driver and injured two others. The incident began when the treads on one of the tanker truck’s tires separated, which caused the driver of the tanker truck to lose control of his vehicle. The truck ended up striking another automobile and both the truck and the automobile then smashed into the median guardrail. At this point, the tanker truck caught fire.

The driver and occupant of the other automobile suffered injuries that required hospitalization. According to reports, their condition was described as “serious.” Unfortunately, the tanker truck driver did not survive the crash.

When a truck is carrying a dangerous load and that load spills in an accident, the results could be disastrous. Therefore, it is always important that truck drivers take care when operating their vehicles. While sometimes an accident is truly that — an incident that is not the fault of any one driver — other times collisions are the result of driver negligence. If a person was injured in a truck accident and believes the truck driver was at fault, they may want to determine if they have any legal recourse to recover compensation for the damages they suffered.

Source:, “Tire problem caused fiery I-95 tanker crash near Micco,” Lamaur Stancil, Feb. 1, 2018

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