Florida attorneys help those injured by other’s overindulgence

The holiday season is here, and, in Florida, this means people are celebrating it in a variety of ways. It could be the office work party, family celebrations, and get-togethers with friends starting on Thanksgiving and culminating on New Year’s Eve. It’s a time of year to celebrate the good times and appreciate the loved ones in our lives, and, with this celebrating, often comes a drink or two. It could be eggnog, a seasonal brew or a fancy champagne. Whatever a person’s drink of choice is, though, when one or two becomes four or more, it doesn’t take much for a person to become intoxicated.

Intoxicated people can make irresponsible or even dangerous decisions. One of these is the decision to get behind the wheel of a car. Drunk driving claims many lives this time of year. This makes it all the more important to get the word out not to drink and drive.

Unfortunately, drunk drivers who cause car accidents are often confused and might even be belligerent. However, this is no excuse for their actions. Victims of drunk driving accidents can suffer serious injuries or even lose their lives. Actions need to be taken to hold drunk drivers accountable.

At our firm, we understand that no one wants their holiday season marred by a drunk driving accident. We know that when a person is injured by a drunk driver, it causes them great damages both physically and emotionally. These damages can take a long time to recover from, and they can be very costly. We assist our clients in negotiating with the insurance company and pursuing compensation through a lawsuit. Sometimes, it might even be appropriate to pursue punitive damages. Our firm’s drunk driving accident overview may provide people in St. Augustine involved in drunk driving accidents with more information.

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