Florida Highway Patrol officer hit by motorist on I-95

It is not unusual to see police officers in Florida on the side of the road, particularly on busy highways. The officers may be “clocking” for speeders or they may be on the lookout for drunk drivers or conducting a traffic stop. It is important to drive carefully when approaching officers in such situations. The failure to do so could cause a serious car accident.

A Florida Highway Patrol officer was injured recently after being hit by an automobile on Interstate 95. The officer, age 51, was standing outside his patrol car on the shoulder of the interstate when the incident occurred. He was utilizing a speed-measuring device when a motorist switched lanes, striking another motorist. That second motorist then lost control of their automobile and struck both the officer and the officer’s vehicle. The officer was sent to an area hospital with serious injuries.

So far, the incident is still being investigated and neither motorist is facing criminal charges at this time. However, this type of accident is not unusual. Back in June, a Florida officer lost his life when he was hit by a motorist as he stood by his patrol car on Interstate 75. Also, back in March, an officer suffered critical injuries as he stood outside his vehicle while performing a traffic stop on the Dolphin Expressway. In that incident, a car was spinning out of control when it hit the officer.

These types of accidents stress how important it is for motorists to follow Florida’s “Move Over Law.” Under this law, drivers must move over one lane or at least reduce their speeds when driving by stopped police cars or emergency vehicles. Unfortunately, there will always be those who disregard the law. They may disobey speed limits, drive while drunk or simply drive recklessly. When a motorist causes an accident that injures or kills another person, the accident victim may want to determine whether they can pursue a lawsuit against the driver responsible.

Source: PalmBeachPost.com, “UPDATE: FHP trooper hit on I-95 in chain-reaction crash identified,” Liz Balmaseda, Oct. 1, 2017

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