Florida man loses his life in five-vehicle crash on I-95

It may be almost impossible these days to avoid driving on the interstate, and, in fact, it is an everyday occurrence for many in the Sunshine State. However, driving on the interstate has its risks. For example, a five-vehicle accident on Interstate 95 has led to the death of a Florida man.

According to police, the accident began when a semi-truck traveling in the center lane of I-95 northbound got a flat tire. The semi-truck driver tried to move into the left shoulder of the interstate. However, a Chevrolet Impala was in the lane to the left of the semi-truck. The driver of that vehicle put his foot on the brakes and tried to move out of the way of the semi-truck. However, the driver lost control of his vehicle in the process and crashed into the trailer of the semi-truck. The impact sent the Impala into the left shoulder of the interstate.

At this point, a Pontiac being operated in the center lane by the victim crashed into the back end of the semi-truck. The force of the collision caused the victim’s vehicle to stop in the center lane, at which point it was hit by another car. The collision caused the victim’s vehicle to flip over, landing right-side up in-between the center and right lanes of the interstate.

At this point, another driver in the left lane of the interstate tried to move into the right-hand lane to avoid the Impala, but then moved back into the left-hand lane of the interstate to avoid striking the semi-truck. This car ultimately crashed into the back of the semi-truck’s trailer and spun out into the median.

While the cause of the accident is still being investigated by police, it just goes to show how complicated and deadly multi-vehicle accidents can be. Sorting out liability in such cases can be tricky and should the victim or their family wish to pursue a lawsuit, there may be multiple defendants in their case. Therefore, before embarking on any legal action, it can help to get advice on how best to proceed so that the victim can seek the full amount of compensation available to them.

Source: wptv.com, “53-year-old Vero Beach man identified in deadly I-95 crash in Indian River County,” Scott Sutton, Jan. 23, 2018

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