Florida may need tougher distracted driving laws

Like most other states, Florida has a law that prohibits motorists from engaging in so-called texting and driving. Texting and driving not includes instant messaging, but it also includes things like checking email or surfing the web.

Unlike some states, Florida continues to allow conventional cellular phone use, that is, for the purpose of making phone calls.

Recent statistics suggest that Florida’s laws, while certainly helpful, may not be doing enough to stop distracted driving. According to one analysis, motorists in this state are looking at their phones over 18 percent of the time in which they are driving. This translates in to about 11 minutes of distracted driving for every 60 minutes on the road.

While this 11 minutes does not necessarily happen in one block of time, it does not take a genius to realize that this sort of behavior is unacceptable and dangerous. If the average driver on St. Augustine’s roads is not paying full attention to the road for over 10 minutes, then the chances of that driver causing an injury accident are fairly good.

Florida’s relatively poor showing when it comes to distracted driving may mean that tougher laws, perhaps laws outlawing cell phone use altogether, may be needed. It could also be that police need to continue to enforce strictly the laws in this state that are already on the books, as the prospect of a hefty fine may help Floridians put their phones down.

Finally, it is important for those who are victims of distracted driving accidents to remember that they have the legal option of pursuing the distracted driver who caused their accident for compensation. They may do so with the help of St. Augustine, Florida, drunk and distracted driving injury lawyers.

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