Florida police warn against drunk driving during spring break

Spring break has arrived in Florida, and many young adults are flocking to the state’s beaches and resorts to enjoy a glimpse of warm, sunny weather and to enjoy the time away from their studies. However, a big part of spring break party culture is alcohol, and some spring breakers will engage in drunk driving.

To combat this, the Florida Highway Patrol will take part in the national “Arrive Alive, Don’t Drink and Drive,” campaign. The FHP will be putting forth a greater effort to identify and apprehend those who are driving under the influence of alcohol. The FHP estimates that over 15 accidents involving drunk drivers will occur daily in March. It only takes a one-time decision to drive under the influence to cause a serious car crash that could injure or kill other people.

The FHP does have some recommendations for those who plan on drinking while in Florida on spring break. People can use Uber, a taxi, a bus or have a designated driver to get to their destination and then home again. It is also important that if a person is with someone who insists on driving drunk, that the person do whatever they can to keep the inebriated person from doing so, taking away their car keys if necessary.

Spring break partying can be fun for young adults, but this fun can quickly turn into tragedy when someone choses to drive drunk. It is important that those injured in drunk driving accidents in St. Augustine or anywhere else in the state understand that they may have options for holding the drunk driver accountable in civil court. Doing so can allow them to seek the compensation they need to recover from the crash.

Source: helloswfl.com, “Watch Out! FHP is Cracking Down on Seatbelts and Drunk Drivers,” Gabriel Castaneda, March 17, 2018

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