Florida ranks second worst for pedestrian deaths

As this blog has reported before, pedestrians in and around St. Augustine and the greater Jacksonville area are often involved in serious or even deadly motor vehicle accidents.

Drivers, for a number of reasons, hit pedestrians as they are legally walking across or even alongside a road. Sometimes, even the sidewalk is not safe.

The statistics actually back up the notion that Florida does not have the best track record for pedestrian accidents. In fact, according to a recent analysis, Florida is the second worst state when it comes to the frequency of pedestrian fatalities.

Specifically, for every 100,000 residents in this state, over 3, that is 3.16, die as the result of a pedestrian accident. It is important to note that this analysis is on a per capita basis, meaning that it accounts for the fact that Florida has a large population and thus would naturally have a higher occurrence of pedestrian accidents.

While some of these tragic deaths are unavoidable, at least on the part of the motorist, many of them are entirely preventable. A driver who is texting and driving or is otherwise distracted may simply no see a pedestrian, while other drivers may be traveling too fast to stop should one appear unexpectedly.

Obviously, drunk and drugged drivers are constant dangers for those who travel by foot, even when they are on the sidewalk and out of traffic.

The families of those who die in pedestrian accidents will have a lot of re-building to do both emotionally and financially, particularly if the victim was the family’s breadwinner. Fortunately, the law may afford these families the ability to receive compensation from a variety of sources, including the driver responsible for the accident.

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