Get Help with a St. Augustine Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycle accidents typically result in far more serious repercussions than other types of vehicle accidents. Motorcycle riders are exposed and vulnerable to negligent drivers. Despite the vulnerability of motorcycle riders, it can still be very difficult for an injured rider to collect damages. This is because many people hold the stereotype that motorcycle riders are reckless and cause accidents. As a result, you will want an experienced attorney on your side representing your interests.


Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

There are many different causes to a motorcycle accident that a St. Augustine Motorcycle accident attorneys can assist you with:

  • Speeding. A speeding driver poses a great danger to motorcycle riders as the driver has less room for error.
  • Lane Changes. Motorcycles are far smaller than other vehicles and a car driver may not see you when changing lanes.
  • Intersections. Drivers are supposed to signal when turning. However, most drivers can tell you that very few actually do so. An accident at an intersection can be particularly devastating to a motorcycle rider.

Collecting Damages with the Help of a St. Augustine Motorcycle Accident Attorney

With the help of an experienced St. Augustine Motorcycle accident attorney, you can collect all the damages you are due. Some common types of damages an attorney can help you collect include:

  • Property Damage. You may be able to collect damages relating to your damaged motorcycle and other property you were carrying.
  • Medical Bills. Accidents involving a motorcycle can be catastrophic. You may be entitled to damages relating to medical bills, hospital stays, therapy, prescription drugs and other costs.
  • Pain and Suffering. Along with collecting damages relating to a physical injury, you may also collect damages relating to any pain, suffering, or psychological harm.
  • Lost Wages. Injuries that affect your ability to work may entitle you to collect lost wages.

Contact a St. Augustine Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you will want to contact a St. Augustine Motorcycle accident lawyer immediately. Motorcycle riders are particularly vulnerable and you may be entitled to significant damages. Contact an attorney at the Canan Law Firm by calling 904-824-9402 to learn how we can help you.

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