Good Samaritan killed in crash on Interstate 95

Sometimes, it is good to know that there are decent people in the world, willing to help out a stranger in need. Unfortunately, these Good Samaritans can sometimes find themselves in dangerous situations, as one recent incident in Florida shows.

A woman from Boyton Beach, Florida, lost her life recently when she was attempting to help another motorist out after a car accident on Interstate 95. The Florida Highway Patrol reports that a 23-year-old man was involved in an auto collision, which left his vehicle disabled on the inner southbound lane of the interstate. The woman was helping him out when another driver was heading near the crash site and started swerving and breaking to keep from crashing into the disabled vehicle. However, the driver struck the woman who was running into the grassy median. She did not survive the accident.

This is an unfortunate and tragic situation that shows just how important it is to be aware of your surroundings while driving. This is especially true on interstates, where there can be many motor vehicles driving at high rates of speed. One wrong move or one moment of inattention could spell disaster.

When a person is killed in an auto accident, their loved ones are left with more than just emotional trauma. They may be in a precarious financial situation as well. Their loved one may have been the main income-earner in the family, there are funeral expenses to contend with and there may be medical expenses associated with the crash as well. Therefore, they may want to seek compensation from the responsible driver. While no amount of money can bring back a lost loved one, it can go a long way toward making sure the victim’s survivors are taken care of financially.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, “Pedestrian killed in I-95 accident, troopers say,” Michael Williams, Nov. 13, 2017

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