Helping you navigate a civil action after a truck accident

Large trucks have a constant presence on the roadways. While motorists are used to traveling next to semi-trucks and tractor-trailer trucks, this does not make it any easier. While large commercial trucks play a valuable role in society transporting goods throughout the nation, these vehicles are operated by drivers that are often required to travel long distances. Even when properly trained and educated about the rules of the road and how to safely maneuver and operate a large truck, this does not prevent all truck crashes from occurring.

Every time a truck driver gets behind the wheel of a large truck, they owe a certain duty of care to other motorists. It can be difficult to uphold that duty if they are overworked and fatigued. At Canan Law, our experienced attorneys understand that negligence often plays a role in a truck accident. Thus, we are dedicated to helping northeastern Florida residents navigate a civil action following a truck crash.

Truck accidents can occur for a wide variety of reasons; however, when they do occur, they tend to leave a large destructive path. Victims involved are frequently left with serious injuries and emotional and mental pain for years to come. Our skilled attorneys have years of experience handling such matters; therefore, we have the necessary resources to determine the likely cause of the crash. Whether it was a federal trucking regulation violation, fatigue or distractions, we are prepared to help you hold a negligent truck driver or truck company liable for your damages.

To learn more, you may wish to speak with truck and bus accident injury lawyers. Understanding the details of the accident is only the beginning of the process. Victims should be prepared to document all harms suffered, helping them prove their losses. This can help with their collection of compensation, offsetting the financial hardships caused by the accident.

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