Hit and run motorist kills bicyclist

A bicyclist in nearby Jacksonville died after an unknown motorist hit him. According to reports, the motorist fled the scene of the accident and has not been identified.

The victim, in his early 50s, reportedly was an avid bicyclist who used his bike as his primary means of transportation. Neighbors remembered the man fondly and encouraged whoever hit the man to come forward. The man was less than a mile from his home when he was struck and killed.

Some people blamed the design of the road where the man died as being particularly dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians. They point to the fact that traffic is heavy and there are not enough sidewalks, crosswalks and lights to protect pedestrians and bicyclists from being hit by vehicles.

There have been a number of hit-and-run accidents in the greater Jacksonville area. Sadly, many of these accidents have gone unresolved. On the whole, since 2014, there have been 51 fatal accidents where the driver fled the scene, most of these involving pedestrians. However, only 16 arrests have been made in connection with these accidents.

Handling a hit-and-run accident requires extra legal skills, especially when the driver of the vehicle involved is never found. For instance, in addition to establishing fault and documenting the full extent of the victim’s injuries, someone dealing with a hit-and-run will probably have to explore other options for receiving compensation, including benefits from their own insurance company or from other parties who may be responsible for the accident. Taking these steps will likely require the assistance of an experienced St. Augustine attorney.

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