I-95 is among the most dangerous highways in the country

A post on this blog from a few months back mentioned that, along Interstate 95, which runs up the East Coast from Miami all the way to the Boston area, Jacksonville is the city where the most traffic-related fatalities on this Interstate happen.

Also mentioned in passing in that post was that Interstate 95 was among the deadliest major highways in the country. According to another statistic, Interstate 95 is the fifth deadliest highway in the nation, averaging .730 fatalities per mile of highway.

Interstate 95 is not the only Florida stretch of freeway known for dangerous driving. Interstate 4, which cuts across the middle of the state between Tampa, through Orlando, and on to Daytona Beach, is the deadliest highway in the country according to the same statistics. Interstate 10, which ends in the Jacksonville area, and U.S. Highway 192, also a Florida highway, are among the worst freeways.

Interstate 95 accidents can be particularly serious since they most commonly involve multiple vehicle hitting each other, many times at very high speeds. The impact from these accidents can be so powerful that occupants get seriously hurt or die even when they are using every available safety feature the car offers.

The study did not explain why Interstate 95 is so dangerous, but one can easily suspect that the most common causes of accidents, speeding, fatigued driving, inattentive or distracted driving and, of course, drunk or drugged driving are also problems on the freeway.

In any event, though, multiple vehicle collisions are almost always ultimately the responsibility of one or a few drivers. These drivers can be held legally accountable for the injuries and deaths they cause.

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