If injured in a hit and run, we can help

Most residents of St. Augustine probably know that if they are involved in an accident, it is illegal to leave the scene. Still, some people may choose to leave the scene anyway for any number of reasons. Even if a driver leaves because of honest fear, leaving the scene can, unfortunately, leave a victim holding the bag with respect to medical bills and lost earnings, even though the accident was not the victim’s fault.

However, there are ways that the victim of a hit-and-run accident can receive compensation for their injuries even if the police are unable to locate the driver who caused the accident. However, receiving compensation under these circumstances can be difficult and complicated. It may require a thorough and persistent investigation designed to find the hit-and-run driver and hold them accountable. Our law office can assist victims with this process.

In other cases, while the driver may have eluded authorities, our office may be able to identify the vehicle involved in the accident and may also be able to determine which insurance carrier covers that vehicle. In these situations, our office may still have to work hard to convince the insurance carrier to compensate the victim, even though the driver remains unknown.

Finally, if all else fails, we will help our client review their own insurance policy and, if coverage is available, make a claim for uninsured motorist benefits on behalf of our client.

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